Project: Carrera de Naciones 2013

Client: Adidas

Agency: iris Nation Miami

Market: Latin America

Roll: Art Director / Graphic Designer


Description: Like the year before, we were looking for the fastest of the Latin American region, but we are not talking about cities anymore. The whole country will have to participate and run for their colors to get the title of the fastest country in Latino America.

The same countries as last year will be participating in the big race; Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and now we welcome Peru into the mix.

It was a fully integrated campaign with digital at the heart, and one of the first campaigns to run on the new adidas website at the time.

The campaign consisted in a range of assets and digital content that involved a huge amount of interaction with adidas global digital teams, as well as working with their local markets on the implementation. 

The campaign continues to have a huge success and was featured on:
Key Mexican trades Informa BTL, Merca 2.0, Colombian trade Revista P&M, and Argentine trade publication Dossiernet, between others.

The images shown include final visuals as well as initial proposals.